V International Municipal BRICS+ Forum
NOVEMBER 9-10, 2023
Saint Petersburg, Russia,
The International Municipal BRICS+ Forum is an annual business forum held in Saint Petersburg with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Federal Agency "Rossotrudnichestvo" and the Government of Saint Petersburg. The project's mission is to make the Russian Federation a centre of cooperation for the cities of the world.

The purpose of the Forum is to promote the integration of positive international experience, local implementation of state tasks, development of social and economic well-being of municipal territories, introduction of information, digital and innovative technologies in the daily activities of major cities in developing countries.

The Forum focuses on the socio-economic development of regional and municipal territories; increasing the investment attractiveness of cities in Russia and other member countries; strengthening relations between the BRICS countries and other states; and promoting a positive image of the Russian Federation abroad.

The decision to create the Forum was made at the BRICS Ministerial Summit held in July 2018 in the Republic of South Africa. A regional delegation from Saint Petersburg, headed by Mikhail Cherepanov, put forward a proposal to create a global information and communication platform for the municipalities of the BRICS countries. This proposal was supported by the Summit participants.

In 2022, for the first time the Program of the Forum included Exhibition, where companies and regions presented their products, investment projects, achievements of socio-economic, cultural, scientific and industrial development.

The IMBRICS Forum is a platform that generates an intellectual agenda for the global municipal community, with current and specific needs of the times and the society itself in mind, without "general" and abstract topics for discussion. Over the years, the IMBRICS+ Forum has become widely known and annually gathers representatives of cities from around the world in Saint Petersburg.
64/1, Petersburgskoye sh.,
Saint Petersburg, Russia
NOVEMBER 9-10, 2023