NOVEMBER 9-10, 2023
IMBRICS+ Forum'2020
In 2020, the IMBRICS+ Forum was held under the auspices of the Russian chairmanship in BRICS and was included in the text of the Moscow Declaration of the XII BRICS Summit, approved by the leaders of the member states. The Forum's business programme was organised jointly by various ministries, federal services, universities, and public organisations of the Russian Federation.
The total number of speakers at the Forum in 2020 was more than 170, and the number of connected users was 3,796. A number of high-ranking officials of the BRICS countries made speeches during the business sessions of the Forum, including the Deputy Mayor of São Paulo (Brazil), Adviser to the Ambassador of the Republic of South Africa to the Russian Federation, as well as the Consuls General of India and China. Apart from the five countries, speakers and listeners from Italy, Spain, Argentina, Mali, Peru, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Nigeria, Mongolia, Mexico, Egypt, Germany, Estonia, Finland, Denmark, Austria and other countries took part in the IMBRICS+ Forum.

The business programme included 29 sessions devoted to numerous topical issues in various fields.
Work at the IMBRICS+ Forum began on November 5 with a discussion on the modernization of passenger urban transport, urbanism and the creation of a comfortable urban environment, and the development of domestic tourism in the BRICS countries. The agenda of the second day of the Forum included the topics of digitalisation and its impact on society, investment interaction, import and export, exchange of electoral practices, antimonopoly regulations, prevention of the spread of infectious diseases, inter-party interaction, work with young people, social protection of the population. The Forum programme also included a number of signing ceremonies of cooperation agreements, in particular, between the Brazilian city of Guarulhos and the Russian cities of Perm and Chelyabinsk.

6 November 2020

64/1, Petersburgskoye sh.,
Saint Petersburg, Russia
NOVEMBER 9-10, 2023